When Should I Move? Guide To Picking A Moving Date

Picking a moving date is not as easy as spotting a number on your calendar. There are several things you ought to consider, several questions to ask that will guide you on making a good choice. You may not necessarily get a ‘perfect date,’ but something that will work well for you and your family.

So, before you pick a date, here are things to consider.


First of all, are you renting your current home? If so, you may have to check your lease agreement to see the terms stipulated there to avoid penalties for early termination. You can find some advice on apartment renting here. If you will be selling your old home and buying a new one, the close-date of your new home will be a factor in determining your move-in date.



If any of your children is in school, you may have to decide when is best to move them and school dates come to play here. You may have to decide whether or not to allow them finish the current school year. You may also want to give your children time to get acquainted with their new location before school starts.


If you are starting a new job, you may likely have been given a start date. Allowing yourself at least one week to settle at your new location, unpack, and have good rest before beginning your job will be okay.


Summer seems like the ideal time for moves. The children are on break, the weather is permissible, and everything just moves. But there is also the other side of this season: it is when most moves take place, and the price charged by moving companies is at its peak. So while the ease of moving during a particular season is an important consideration, the cost implication can also be an issue. Off peak seasons like fall or early spring can be considered.

Time of the month

End of the month and first week see more moves. Perhaps it can be linked with closeout of lease contracts, or other reasons. The problem with this time, like any other peak time, is high moving cost by movers.

Time of the week

Weekends are the surest pick for when to move during the week. The advantages you get include availability of friends to help with the move, children not at school, your spouse not at work, traffic not congested, etc. But the downside is price. Weekend moves are more expensive. Moving during the middle of the week is less expensive.


How far you are moving may also be part of your considerations. Interstate moves may be finished within a day. And if you are moving yourself, you may want to pick when you have help from friends, so everything is done faster. Moving across the state may take more than one day, and cross country moves will take 2 or more days. You have to consider other things like whether you’ll be flying, or moving by yourself.

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