What You Should Know About Passports and Visas When Moving Abroad

Obtaining visas and passports can be one of the toughest parts of moving abroad. There are procedures to be followed, and rules that must be obeyed. However, the rules can also change within a short time, and that could increase the difficulty.


For you to travel abroad, you must have at least two blank pages in your passport. It used to that you can add pages to your passport, but that is no longer the case. Instead, you’ll have to get a new passport altogether. It is necessary to have enough blank pages in your passport. You may find it more helpful to request a super-size passport with 52 pages instead of the standard 28.


A passport may not be all you need when moving to a new country. Shorter journeys that are less than 90 days will not require a visa for about 22 countries in the EU.


Different countries have different requirements of documentations for visas, and you can find out about these requirements from the U.S. Department of State for each country. Getting this information early enough is important so you can put together whatever is needed for your move.


Applying for visa takes some time depending on the country you are heading to and the kind of visa you are applying for. It may take at least 3 weeks for your visa application to be reviewed. Hence, you should begin the process early.


For some countries, you may be required to have a passport that will be valid for up to six months before you plan to leave a country. This is because renewing your passport when you are outside the country is not as easy as when you are in your home country. So there should be enough time.


Your visa requirements also depends on the kind of visa you need, which is based on the purpose for the journey. You should find out find out the kind of visa you need and make sure you apply for the right one.


You will be required to pay some fees for your visa. The amount differs based on the country you are going to.

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