What You Should Be Knowing About Moving Costs?

When thinking about the cost of relocation, it is common to concentrate only on the cost of hiring a mover. Many think that is the only cost for moving, but it isn’t. There are several other hidden costs that are attached to moving. Being aware of them will help you have an all-round plan for your move. And you will be able to better plan and budget for the move.


So what are really all the costs involved in moving?

  1. Cost of actual move

Whether or not you are hiring a professional mover, you will incur certain costs with the actual move. This, as have been said earlier, is the cost most people are aware of as concerning a move.

Here are the costs involved.

Moving by yourself:

  • Moving supplies
  • Renting a truck
  • Moving insurance
  • Gas for the journey
  • Hotel and food bills on the journey
  • One-way fee (if returning truck to a different location)
  • Getting help
  • Extra storage (when necessary)
  • Break down of vehicle

Hiring professional movers

  • Movers’ quote for their services
  • Cost of additional insurance


  1. Cost of cleaning

If you do not opt for cleaning your house yourself, then you’d have to spend some money paying for professional cleaning services.


  1. Clearing up the rubbish

Your move will generate a lot of waste. By packing and sorting all your properties, you discover things that ought to be discarded; things that are no longer useful and cannot be recycled. You may have to pay to have your waste removed, or hire a truck to do it yourself.


  1. Changing locks

This may not be important to some, but for security reasons, you may want to change the locks in your new home. That costs some money, too.

  1. Making repairs in your new home

You may have to make some repairs in your new home to put it in order the way you want it.


  1. Extra taxes

Living in your new neighborhood might mean paying extra taxes. Cost of living differs from place to place. You can inquire on these things before deciding on the move.


  1. Decoration for the new home

Setting up all the furnishings and beautifying your new home will require you to spend some money. You may have moved furniture from your old place, but the allure of the new home may make you want to go for different things. Find some tips to help with your decoration and help cut cost on that.


  1. Setting up utilities at your new home


  1. Restocking your fridge with food items.


  1. Purchasing things you couldn’t move; things that are forbidden to be moved, like flammables, paints, pesticides.

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