What Movers Cant Move

Excited you are moving to a new location? Sure you are. Moving is quite stressful and tiring, you wouldn’t want to be disappointed when you realize some of your items can’t go into the moving truck, because you didn’t know. Below are few items you probably don’t know won’t be moved by any moving company.

  • Hazardous materials.

It probably may not come as a surprise to you but moving companies have been banned by federal law from transporting hazardous materials. Here isa list of hazardous materials movers will refuse to move;

  • Gasoline
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Batteries
  • Fireworks
  • Charcoal
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fertilizer

Fertilizer can become highly explosive under certainconditions and you might probably think a fire extinguisher is one of the safest item a moving van can transport. That’s true provided perfect moving conditions are met. Also, the charcoal is not transported because it can breakdown into powder form during handling and transportation. If you do have any hazardous material, your best bet is to dispose properly before you move.


  • Household plants

If you are a lover of potted plants, you have to brace yourself, this might shock you. While some movers will allow a plant or two to bemoved in their van, most won’t allow plants on even local moves. sSo you might end up disposing them, giving them out or transporting your cherished vegetation yourself.

  • Frozen foods, refrigerated foods and other food items

When it comes to fresh and perishable food items, they have no place inside the moving van, because food items can attract rodents that may damage your property. You are advised to leave out food items from what you are to move as they can get spoilt, leak or even crack before arrival. On the other hand, dried fruit and canned items are transported most times.

  • Personal items and valuable documents.

Whether the moving company you chose to move your belongings has a rule against moving your personal items or not, you shouldn’t toss them into the moving van. Your personal items are better off with you to avoid any form of damage. Most documents and certificates are irreplaceable.

  • Pets

Pets cannot be transported in moving vans because of poor temperatures. The temperature can either be extremely cold or extremely hot. There is also a high risk of death of the animal due to falling of heavy items in the van. Your pet must be with you and must be moved in your own vehicle if you have one. You can find more advice on handling your pets when moving.

  • Outdoor equipment

Packing outdoor equipment like pool equipment can be stressful and can also pose danger such as the chemicals used for treating pool water which consists dangerous chemical combinations.

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