What Is Mostly Forgotten During Moving?

The D-day is fast approaching, and you can’t shake off the feeling that somehow something may go wrong. “Is all set?” you keep asking, wishing and hoping that no important thing is left unattended to. Of course, it can be something little which could be taken care of, but can also have huge impact on the success or failure of the move. So, what are the things that are mostly forgotten during a move? Better to know them so you don’t make same mistakes.

  • Keys

There is always much ado about moving. The process can be chaotic so much that you forget little things like keys; keys to the new house, car keys, keys to the safe, spare keys. It is also easy to forget the spare keys you gave out to folks or hid somewhere. Make sure you have gotten the keys to every part of the new house, and not just the front keys, while leaving behind all the old house keys, including the garage door opener.

  • Plants

For long distance moves, packing and carrying your plants may not be allowed. Hence, it is easy to forget to make provisions for the plants.

  • The lawn mower or other gardening tools

The lawn mower and other gardening tools usually have their abode somewhere outside the home, and can be ignored while packing for the move.

  • The new address

This may sound unbelievable, but with all the things occupying your mind courtesy of the preparations for the move, seemingly intangible things, like your new address, are easy to not be considered. Have your new address written out and keep it handy.

  • An equipment you loaned your neighbor

If your neighbor just borrowed some equipment from you a week, or days, ago, the anxiety of the move can take that from your both minds. You can add this to your checklist so when you go through it you will remember if you gave out anything that needs to be returned.

  • Packing an essentials box

There’s so much to pack, but you must not forget to separate some basic necessities that you will need during the move and immediately after arriving at your new home. Remember, unpacking and settling in your new home may take some days, or even weeks. Setting aside things that you can access quickly for use is important.

  • The coffee maker

Being that the coffee maker is among the last things people pack, it ends up becoming one of the things they are most likely to forget.

  • Clothes left with the dry cleaners and other items sent for repairs

What you should do now is to make a checklist and include these things. Check and recheck as you get closer to the moving day, and ensure they are all taken care of. You are just about being set for your move!

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