West Virginia

West Virginia is located in the Appalachian region of the United States, and similar to its southeastern counterpoint, Virginia, it has significant impact in America’s history.  During the Civil War, fifty northwestern counties of Virginia opted to break away from their home state due to misrepresentation, and West Virginia was officially declared its own state in 1863.  Known as the “Mountain State” due to its mountainous terrain and rolling hills, West Virginia has so much to offer to those who enjoy the outdoors.  Depending on where you are in the state, the climate can vary greatly, but you will be guaranteed to experience all four distinct seasons, and West Virginia is known to have some of the highest precipitation levels in the country.  Whether you choose to reside in the largest and most populous city, the capital, Charleston, or you would prefer the slightly slower paced, former capital, Wheeling, it is in your best interest to hire professional movers to help you get settled as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.

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Mover Checklist

There are numerous factors you must touch upon prior to selecting and signing a contract with any company in the service industry.  When it comes to professional movers, the following criteria are a good jumping off point you can use when beginning your search for the perfect fit.

First Impression- Always go with your gut.  If you contact a company and have an uneasy feeling from the beginning, reevaluate whether you would trust them with all your prized possessions.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism from start to finish, from your initial point of contact to when we drop off your belongings at the final destination.

Reputation- Ask for references.  A competent company will easily provide them, and it should definitely generate red flags if they offer up hesitation or excuses.  Also check status with the Better Business Bureau, this should give you a good idea of the company’s history of resolving complaints or issues.  We only work with the best in the industry, so we feel confident knowing your experience will be a pleasant one.

Experience- Verify length of time the company has been in business.  Also, check on the company’s history within West Virginia.  A good company will have a positive track record in your destination state paired with an extensive history in the industry.  We thoroughly vet our network of movers and our relocation specialists are standing by, prepared to match you with the ideal team for your personal requirements.

Cost- It is important to stay within your budget.  If you arrive at your final destination completely broke, or even in debt, it may completely negate the benefit of hiring professionals.  Look for low-cost movers that also provide you with all the necessary services you require.  Beware of companies that seem to undercut the competition by a lot because often these low-ballers will revise their quote further down the line, after you have already committed and don’t have time to find another option.  Our relocation specialists know that cost is a huge factor, so they will work diligently to find a team that can provide you the service you need without breaking the bank.

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