Vermont, “The Green Mountain State,” is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States.  Part of the New England region, it is a great state for those looking to experience all four seasons as the climate varies greatly based on the time of year.  Although there are no professional sports teams hailing from Vermont, winter sporting activities reign supreme, and it has some of the best skiing and snowboarding trails in the northeast.  Tourism is a large draw in Vermont, but it is also a great place to settle down and call home.  Whatever the reason behind your move to this beautiful state, it is imperative that you enlist the help of a team of world-class, professional movers before embarking on your journey to this great New England destination.

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Why Move to Vermont

  • Vermont has been ranked as one of the most peaceful places to live, so if you are searching for a serene location to call home, you can find it here. Crime is low and safety is high, so your well-being is never in danger upon getting settled.
  • Despite the rest of the United States heading on a dangerously unhealthy downward spiral, Vermont has been considered the most healthy state for four years in a row. Perhaps it is the abundance of outdoor physical activities available or the great options for nutritious dining, whatever the reason, if you are seeking to improve your health, then Vermont is a great state in which to do so.
  • The most populous city of Burlington is often considered the best place to raise a family, and also touted to be one of top cities for outdoor adventures and recreation. So no matter your age or demographic, you will fit in great in this abundant and versatile state.
  • With low unemployment rates, your marketable skills will be put to great use here. The cost of living is also fairly low, so your dollar will go a long way in keeping you comfortable.

How to Move to Vermont

  1. Contact a reputable moving company to aid you in your relocation. Make sure to vet the company prior to signing a contract to ensure you and your belongings will be in good hands.
  2. Request a relocation packet on the state’s website. This will help you get acquainted with Burlington and the Lake Champlain area, so you can determine where exactly will be the best fit for you.
  3. Begin your search for housing and jobs in the area you select. Craigslist is a great jumping off point for both.
  4. Move to Vermont!  Moving is exciting and with the help of a professional, you won’t need to worry about the most labor-intensive factor, leaving you free to get settled and acclimated to your new home immediately upon arrival.


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