Home to the University of Arizona and often known as Optics Valley because of the many companies located here that are involved in optics and optoelectronics, Tucson is a vibrant desert city in Arizona.  With mild weather year-round, there are always exciting outdoor activities available, and Tucson is also well-known for its eclectic cultural events.  The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is one of the largest of its kind and has been going strong for over 50 years, drawing rock enthusiasts from all across America.  There is also a vibrant bird watching community, due in large part to the many species that populate the area.  So, whether you have just received transfer orders to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base or you were recently accepted into the University of Arizona, you will find a wonderful community to call home here in southern Arizona.

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Mover Requirements

Before you pack up and move all of your possessions to this picturesque city, you will want to find competent movers who can efficiently transport your belongings. It is important to ensure the company you consider meets a number of criteria prior to signing a contract. The following guidelines are a good jumping off point when vetting prospective movers.

Customer Service- Same as any other service-based industry, customer service is an integral part that many moving companies seem to overlook. You should feel truly comfortable entrusting your prized possessions into the hands of complete strangers, and one way we earn this trust is by making our process as transparent as possible. You will also notice a level of professionalism from your initial point of contact with one of our relocation specialists that is unparalleled among our competitors. We want you to feel valued and really work hard to ensure your experience is a pleasant one.

Budget- Because moving is usually expensive, whether or not you decide to hire professional movers, we strive to offer you the benefit and value of this integral service without putting you into debt. Our relocation specialists will listen to your wants and needs and customize a moving package that best aligns with your budget, so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by a steep price. We also want you to know that we will not add additional charges or hidden fees once you are already vested in our service.

Experience- For those who are not in the professional moving industry, this may seem like an obvious requirement, but unfortunately, in the world of professional movers, you will find many who lack adequate experience and end up being much less dependable than desired. Our relocation specialists will take the time to pair you with a team of movers that are highly experienced in the field, but also have firsthand knowledge of the city of Tucson. We also pride ourselves on only working with the best in the industry, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your items are in the best hands possible.

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