Tips To Decluttering Your Garage

How is your garage? Cluttered? You bet you are not the only one with a garage full of junk. The garage easily becomes a dumping place for items you do not have immediate use of. That is how it starts, and with time the place gets full of things you probably won’t be needing again; not in the immediate future anyway.

It is important for you to organize your garage. Not only is it good so you can create space for better things, it also ensures there are no “unwelcome guests” hiding out there. And when you declutter the place, you will be amazed to find more ways you can put the space created into meaningful use. You may also find very important items that have been left to perish, and things you have need of at the moment. Now here are some tips to help you get about the job.


Set out a time

This job is time consuming. To get it done, you should set out a time, say a weekend, dedicated to it. This will ensure you don’t get a little work done, and abandon it, only for the place to get back to its original state.

Have a plan

Inspect your garage. Look at the kind of things there and the nature of the place. Strategize on how you want the place to look after the cleaning up. Do you want to make space for parking your car(s)? Do you want to create a workshop area? Doing this helps you know how to organize the things in the garage in the optimum way.

Sort the things out

Clean up the place. Going through all the stuff in the garage will help you sort them out. With this you will be able to know what should go and what should stay.

Keep, sell, give or throw away some stuff

When you sort the things in your garage and pick out the things that are still important to you, there are several things you can do with the others. Those that are completely trash should be disposed. You can then consider holding a garage sale, selling the others on E-bay, or donating.

Organize what’s left

Group the items: gardening and other work tools; screws, nails, nuts, and bolts; painting equipment; sporting equipment; camping equipment; etc. For all these, here are some things that can help:

  • Overhead storage units
  • Tool holders
  • Multi-drawer storage cabinets or storage lockers
  • Tool pegboards to hang the tools
  • Fold-down workbench
  • Sports rack
  • Nail jars
  • And more

Now you can be proud of your garage.