Tips for Successful Unpacking

Many people actually enjoy the process of packing.  It gives you a chance to purge the items you no longer need, knowing you can start fresh with just the essentials.  Others procrastinate and wind up throwing things in boxes, thus ending up with a completely disorganized and messy move.  Regardless of what type of packer you are, few people have mastered the art of unpacking with ease.  This is unfortunate because unpacking is truly the start of a new beginning and should be celebrated as such.  By implementing the following tips, you can learn to enjoy the art of unpacking.

  1. Put the boxes in the right rooms. If you label things properly, then the movers can deliver the boxes directly into the proper rooms which allows for much less legwork on your part.  If you were not quite that prepared, a simple peek in the box can help you determine where it needs to go.  This is essential because it is much easier to tackle one room at a time, as opposed to trying to go box by box.
  2. Create a floorplan. Although this may seem obvious, before you unpack, you need to have an idea of what goes where.  You can waste a lot of time by unloading all the office supplies and furniture into your intended office and finding out the large items won’t fit.  Take the dimensions of each room and diagram them out ON PAPER to determine what will and will not fit.  Simply eyeballing items is not sufficient!
  3. Start with the necessities. The last things you pack should be the first things to unpack.  Bathroom toiletries, your bed, everyday clothes and shoes, and kitchen items should come out first, so you can live comfortably before you are entirely moved in and settled.
  4. Increase your comfort level. Do you have a beautiful piece of artwork that you love?  Put that out early in the game.  Are you particularly attached to a comfortable recliner?  Make sure that is in place immediately.  These little touches help your new habitat feel like home and make the whole process of unpacking that much less stressful.
  5. Take your time. Rome was not built in a day, and you should not underestimate the amount of time it will take you to finish all of your unpacking.  Pace yourself, and worry about the more important things in life before stressing about the actual act of unpacking.  Perhaps you are starting a new job or beginning school, then that is where the majority of your attention should be focused.  As long as the essentials are in place (see #3), you can take your time with the rest.

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