Tips for making a move without derailing your budget

After accepting the fact that a move is imminent, the next road your thoughts will turn will be Money Street. The big question becomes: How much will this move cost? A common concern is to be able to achieve a move without breaking the bank. But how can that be?

Cut costs

Some costs are inevitable. However, there are many ways you can cut costs and avoid excess spending on the move. Here are some of them.

  • Cut costs by reducing the things that you’ll have to move. This means sorting and purging your home. When you do this, you may be amazed to find out how many things you still keep that can be done away with. Reducing your stuff will go a long way in affecting the cost of the move, especially be reducing the size of truck that will be need and the overall weight of the shipment.
  • If you have a very tight budget to work with, you may consider doing the house cleaning by yourself instead of hiring cleaners.
  • Shut off utilities and subscriptions early to avoid paying for when you are no longer at your old home.
  • Be ready before your movers arrive and avoid wasting time. If the costs are calculated based on an hourly rate, you will be incurring more costs when you are not prepared.
  • You can also cut costs on packing supplies by getting boxes from the office, asking friends and neighbors for some, and also using boxes and crates at home. Or finding strong, used boxes on Craigslist.

Get better deals

While using professional movers is always associated with high costs, it can be your best option to save yourself from many troubles that can make your move more expensive in the end, or even a nightmare. However, this will only be so when you deal reliable movers.

  • Get moving estimates from different companies and compare the quotes. While the cheapest may not necessarily mean the best, you also should pay attention to the individual services offered by each company and their charges. Look out for extra charges in the estimates and be clarified on them.
  • Book early. On many occasions, booking early can save you some bucks, especially if you are moving during a busy season.
  • Move during an off-peak season. Moving costs are lower at such times as compared to summers when most moves are made.
  • Fixing your move on a weekday, instead of a weekend, can also be cheaper. Weekends are busier and more expenisive.

DIY when possible

  • Packing yourself can take away the cost of hiring professional packers.
  • For short moves, you can consider moving yourself and enlisting the help of friends and family.
  • If you just purchased a house, it may be possible your real estate agent has a truck you can use free of charge or at reduced price, especially for short moves. Find out about this possibility.
  • If you will be needing storage, look for deals from storage unit companies. There may be those that offer both van rental and storage. Compare prices and see what’s better.

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