Tipping Etiquette for Professional Movers

Many people do not realize that professional movers are classified as employees in the service industry, similar to servers and hair stylists.  Because of this, you should factor in a tip for these helpful individuals when calculating and planning out your budget.  It should be evident that the amount of responsibility and importance in the job of a mover is of a much higher level than the person charged with carrying out your food and drinks. However, the simple percentage rule that many have come to expect in other service industries is not as easily translated to movers.  Take into account the following information when making plans to move and let it be a guide when deciding how much gratuity to offer.


How to tip?

Cash is customary for a tip, but it is also good etiquette to offer cold water or even hot coffee, depending on the weather.  You may choose to even take it the extra step and treat the moving crew to lunch or dinner.  Although providing beer may be the cliché when enlisting your friends to help you move, it is not safe, nor in most cases, allowed by the company for the moving crew to imbibe while on the job.

How much to tip?

A good rule of thumb for the amount to tip the movers is based on how much time the move actually took.  A half day (4 hours or less) may warrant $10 per person, a full day (8 hours) $20 per person, and anything in excess is up to your discretion.  Also, make sure to take into account the difficulty of the move.  Did the movers have to carry heavy furniture up winding staircases?  Do you own a lot of bulky or awkward or valuable items that require extra care?

How to determine the tip?

Finally, did you find that the movers went the extra mile to take extra special care of your belongings?  Did they wow you with their customer service?  Did they go above and beyond your expectations?  All of these factors, similar to any other service industry, should go into determining the total tip amount for these hard workers.


When the move is complete, make sure to tip each worker individually.  This is important for two reasons.  For one, you can thank each employee personally for their hard work, and that show of appreciation is just icing on the cake of your generous tip.  The second reason is simple to ensure that each worker receives their fair share.  If you tip the head mover or driver the lump sum of the tips combined, there are no guarantees that the tip will be divided out evenly amongst the employees since it is out of your hands.

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