Tennessee is a beautiful Southern state credited with playing a huge role in a variety of genres of music, including country, rock n roll, and blues.  Memphis is often considered the birthplace of blues and Nashville is still the center of country music to this day, home to the ever popular Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  Although primarily revered for its musical impact, Tennessee also boasts the Great Smoky Mountains.  This great mountain range is a subset of the Appalachians, and it is also the most visited national park in the US.  In addition to the aforementioned attractions, Tennessee’s popular tourist sites include Graceland, Elvis’s residence and tomb, the Tennessee aquarium in Chattanooga, and the Memphis Zoo.  Although tourism is obviously a major industry here, a large part of the economy relies on agriculture and manufacturing.  No matter what brings you to Tennessee, if you are looking to relocate to this fine state for good, you will want to enlist the help of professional movers in order to ensure a smooth transition.

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Reasons to Move to Tennessee

Our relocation specialists have heard it all when it comes to the reasons people move, and they are skilled at matching the best fit teams depending on the type of move.  Although your motivations may be different (and rest assured, we can handle them all), the following are the most common that we encounter in the industry.

Business- Tennessee does not charge income tax on salaries and wages, which makes it a great state in which to be employed.  There are also a number of large companies headquartered here, so the potential to find a steady job is definitely present.  Perhaps you have already secured a spot at FedEx, Regal Entertainment, or Nissan, or maybe you’re rolling the dice and hoping to find something upon getting settled.  Either way, we can take away at least part of the stress of such a large transition by handling the heavy lifting.

Education- There are two main public university systems located here, the University of Tennessee and the Tennessee Board of Regents.  Both are regulated by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.  If you would prefer the intimacy of a private college or university, there are plenty of other options available as well.  Because our movers have extensive experience within Tennessee, their familiarity with the different campuses is also a huge benefit when contracting us.

Military- There are four different bases located here, representing the Navy, the Air Force, and the Army.  So if you find yourself transferred to Arnold or Holston or any of the others, we can ensure your transition is seamless.  We also offer a military discount to active duty personnel if eligible, so be sure to inquire when contacting our relocation specialists.

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