Should You Plan a Move Before/After Pregnancy?

It is a critical issue that draws many concerns. Different persons would have different views to it and prefer one to the other. But the answer for you will depend on some things, and you are better off to decide on it. But here are things to consider from each side. They will help you decide.


The Good Side of Moving before the Baby Arrives

  • You have freedom to do things. You are better able to move about and get things done when the baby has not yet arrived, especially if you are shopping for a home. Your attention can be required at any time and there are things to take care of to that effect.
  • You’ll be more relaxed after the move to have and take care of the new baby. You can afford to give the baby the needed attention, and rest from the hard work of moving.
  • You may need a recovery time after delivery. This depends on individuals. Some would need longer time to recover after delivery, especially if they had a C-Section.
  • It saves you some money. The coming of a new baby usually means lot of shopping. By moving before the baby arrives, you can decide to do the shopping at your new location, which will reduce the things you’d have to pack and the amount of things to move.
  • You will enjoy a support network at your new location than when you move after delivery and leave whatever group you already associate with.
  • You can better use your nesting instinct. Remember, the third trimester is considered a nesting period, when the instinct to set the home up for the baby is on the highest. If you are already in your new home by this time, you’ll put that instinct into good use arranging the place for the coming baby. Else, all the effort will go to the old place.


The Good Side of Moving After

  • It’s too much work packing when heavy. The baby bump, aching back, hurting womb, etc. All the difficult activities of a move will only not make things easier. But this won’t be so for post-delivery move.
  • You will know better what amount of space you need. With the new baby and all that is needed for it, you may better evaluate how much space you should go for.
  • Sometimes pregnancies are unpredictable. While you don’t hope for such, any complications can arise and require special attention. It may attempt to ruin your moving plans. But after delivery, you are relaxed and can go about the move without fear of any uncertainty.
  • New babies offer an easier way to make friends and connect. A new baby can bring easier connection with your new community. You make friends more easily, especially with other new moms.

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