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Utah is a mecca for outdoors enthusiasts and is known to have the “Best Snow on Earth.”  The state history is rich and the national parks are beautiful.  Not only is it a great tourist destination, but it is an even better place to call home.  However, moving to a new state can be both daunting and challenging, which is why it is extremely important to enlist the help of professionals.  Our relocation specialists are standing by to match you to a team of movers, familiar with Utah and experts in the field of moving.  Our agents are equipped to listen to your needs and customize a package that fits your budget.


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Professional Movers’ Checklist

Whether your final destination is busy Salt Lake City or a quiet, rural area on the shore of Lake Powell, you will need the help of professionals to get you there.  Consider the following qualifications as basic requirements when narrowing down your search to the best Utah movers.

Area Expertise:  If you are new to the area, it will be difficult enough navigating yourself around once you are settled, but imagine driving an unfamiliar moving truck into unknown terrain by yourself.  Not a pretty picture, right?  Your movers should be familiar with the specific locale or destination, so you can feel comfortable knowing they will get your prized possessions and valuables there in the condition in which they started.  You can feel safe knowing we only work with movers who have years of experience within the destination state of Utah.

Favorable Reputation:  It is extremely important that you thoroughly vet any potential moving company prior to signing a contract.  Ask for references and any reputable company will be more than happy to provide them to you.  You can also use certain internet review websites to ensure favorability, but just be aware that people tend to document negative experiences over positive ones, so unless there is a clear pattern of neglect, you may want to take rogue adverse reviews with a grain of salt.

Affordability and Value:  The highest priced mover is not always the best, and conversely, the opposite is also true.  The lowest quote you receive may not mean the company is any less promising, unless the price seems to come in vastly below other quotes you have obtained.  Beware of those who low-ball upon the initial quote, because they may later revise it and/or tack on additional fees which can greatly lower the value.  You can trust us to work with your budget and get you the absolute best value without breaking the bank.

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