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New Jersey is the second wealthiest state in the US, and despite its small size, it is the most densely populated. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and affectionately known as “the Garden State,” New Jersey boasts a plethora of attractions appealing to both locals and tourists alike. Whether you love the idea of never pumping your own gas, or you would prefer to kick back and relax along the Jersey Shore, you will definitely not regret the decision to make this popular state your new home.   However, due to the extreme weather that can lead to dangerous driving conditions, or simply the fact that you do not yet feel comfortable navigating the Turnpike, it is in your best interest to enlist the help of professionals before making the move. Our relocation specialists are standing by ready to match you with a team of movers best equipped to get you to your final destination of New Jersey.

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Mover Requirements

There are a number of requirements you will want to look for in any professional mover, and the following list, although not all encompassing, is a good starting point.

Experience- The number of years in business is a good indicator of experience, but you will also want to make sure they have extensive familiarity with the locale to which you will be moving. Our movers have assisted people in New Jersey for years and they are thoroughly prepared to help you with any type of move you are requiring, whether it is just the belongings for a single person, or the entire contents of a large scale office building for those of you who are self-employed.

Professionalism- First impressions matter and also help you to see the true nature of the company you are considering. Be on the look-out for someone who treats you respectfully from the first point of contact to the last. Our relocation specialists will always listen to your needs and create a moving package best suited to your particular situation.

Reputation- It is important to obtain references from any company you contact. The best companies will be happy to provide you with them, and it should raise a red flag if you encounter hesitation or objections. Also, be sure to utilize online review websites, such as Yelp, or more formal rating systems, such as the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company you are selecting has a better than average reputation.

  • Pro-Tip: Remember that people tend to remember and record negative experiences over positive ones, so unless there is a clear pattern of issues, you can take the rogue negative reviews with a grain of salt.


Finally, as when shopping for any specific service, go with your gut. Many unsavory companies will give you plenty of signs from the beginning that they are not to be trusted. Find someone who you feel comfortable with, because they will be the ones in charge of getting all of your prized possessions and valuables safely relocated into your new home state of New Jersey.

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