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Kentucky is so much more than the home of some very popular fried chicken.  “The Bluegrass State” (named after the prevalence of bluegrass in the central region) also produces 95% of the world’s bourbon, is home to the Kentucky Derby, and has the highest per capita number of turkeys and deer of any other state, so it is an ideal hunting ground.  The weather is also mild enough that you can find a bevy of outdoorsy activities and sports to participate in year-round.  The locals are friendly to a fault and children are allowed to be children longer than you might find in some of the more progressive state, so it is an ideal place to raise a family.  Surrounded by rivers and made up of lakes, Kentucky also has adequate water activities available.  If you have already decided that Kentucky is your new home, whether you choose to live in the booming metropolis of Louisville or the very sparsely populated capital of Frankfort, you will want to enlist the help of professional movers to get you where you need to go.

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Reasons to Move to Kentucky

Our movers have experience relocating people for any reason possible, but the following four motives are by far the most common.

Personal- Perhaps you are a diehard horse racing fan, or you greatly enjoy rock climbing (Red River Gorge is a great place to do this), whatever your reasoning, we have the experience and expertise to handle the belongings of a large family’s home or a small bachelor pad.  We don’t need to know your personal incentive in order to handle your move with skill and proficiency.  Contact our relocation specialist today to get the ball rolling.

Business- Kentucky has a low cost of living and also a low unemployment rate, so the opportunities for the working class are great.  The state has ideal agricultural conditions, so it is perfect for farming, and it also ranks high in the production of automobiles within the US.  If you plan on transferring within your current company or you seek a new prospect in a completely different industry, then Kentucky might just be the perfect fit.

Military- Although there are only three Army bases located in Kentucky, it is home to Fort Knox, one of the largest bases in America.  So, if you receive transfer orders, be sure to contact us, as our military know-how surpasses all others in the industry.  Also, don’t forget to inquire about our military discount, because we value your service.

Education- There are eight public four-year universities and 16 public two-year colleges located in Kentucky.  If you have decided to become a University of Kentucky Wildcat or you would rather start of at one of the many community colleges, Kentucky is a great state to pursue higher education.  Our movers are familiar with many of the campuses, so they are a great asset when getting settled at your new school.

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