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Situated in Johnson County, Olathe is a city in the State of Kansas. This was the first city that got incorporated in this county and is a fast growing city. There are two public lakes in the city, Lake Olathe and Cedar Lake. This city is known for its humid continental climate and has an ethnically diverse population. The city has temples for all religions including Buddhism. Olathe has many parks, the famous one being Black Bob Park. The main employers in the city are the educational institutions. There is also job opportunities in companies like Honeywell, ALDI, and Grundfos. The city has an excellent education system with several schools in the four school districts and Colleges like Mid America Nazarene University and Kansas State School for the Deaf. The city also has its own library. Famous people who lived in the city include actors Willie Aames and Buddy Rogers, Football player Darren Sproles. If you feel this city is the right place for you, the moving will be a smooth transition with the help of a professional team of movers.

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A Checklist for You

In hiring a moving company to help out with the relocation of your properties, there are some basic things that should guide you, and here is a list of them:

• How long have they been around?
• How experienced are members of their team?
• Does the company operate within the area you are relocating to?
• Are they licensed to operate in the business and within that area?
• Do they have insurance coverage?
• Do they have their own equipment or hire?
• Who have they served before?
• What are previous clients saying about them?
• Is there provision for moving insurance for your properties?
• Do they charge on hourly basis, or by the weight of the items?
• What is the cost for packing the items? And is there special cost for some particular items?
• Are there special charges to lifting properties up the stairs?
• Are there charges for disassembling and reassembling items? What are they?

Why Choose Us

When you follow the checklist, or any other criteria you may set for making your decision, you will find that we come into the picture as a moving company that is out to help give you a smooth relocation to Fremont. We consist of specialists in the field, who are not only skilled in every aspect of the work, but also have experience working for previous clients.
Our nationwide coverage means we can take your items from wherever they are to Fremont. And having an integrity to uphold, our deals are always clear, especially in terms of charges. There are no hidden extra charges. Our courteous and attentive representatives are always available to attend to your information needs. A contact today will be all you need to clear out any questions, and start preparing for your move to Olathe.

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