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Although many people’s knowledge of Kansas is limited to the brief parts at the beginning and end of the Wizard of Oz, the state is so much more versatile and diverse than simply being the home of Dorothy Gale.  Kansas City-style BBQ is one of the greatest exports, but the delicious barbecue in Kansas is not simply limited to that one city.  White Castle and the beginning of the slider (small hamburger) movement also originated in Kansas, although the company is no longer headquartered there.  Kansas is also home to the tallest water slide in the world.  Located in Kansas City at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark, the Verruckt is literally translated as “insane” and requires a 264 step climb.  The weather can be extreme depending on the season, and it varies greatly across the state.  If you have decided to make Kansas your home, then you should definitely look to hire professional movers to aid you with your relocation.

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Reasons to Move to Kansas

While our movers are well-equipped to handle virtually any type of move they may be faced with, the following three reasons are by far the most common.

Personal- Maybe the fast-paced city life is no longer appealing to you, and you are looking to settle down in an area with a slightly slower speed.  Or perhaps, you would rather raise your family in a state with notably low crime rates.  Your personal choice aside, we can help relocate the contents of a meager bachelor pad, or the entire belongings of a family home, with efficiency and competence.  Not only that, but we can easily configure a personalized moving package based on your needs and customized to fit your budget.  Give us a call today to speak with a relocation specialist to get the ball rolling.

Business- The Kansas economy relies heavily on agricultural outputs, oil production, and the aerospace industry, so if your area of expertise follows into one of these categories, then this may be the state for you.  Or perhaps you’ve been promoted or transferred to the Sprint headquarters in Wichita.  Not surprising considering Sprint is the second largest employer in the state.  Maybe you plan to move your own business to the Sunflower State, and need help relocating your office.  No matter the business-associated motivation for your move, we can handle it with ease.  We even have experience transporting privileged material safely, so no confidential information will be compromised during the move.

Education- Although the University of Kansas is the largest in terms of enrollment, Kansas State and Wichita State also boast a considerable number of both resident and non-resident students.  In addition to the major players, there are over 20 additional institutions of higher learning, so if you are looking to begin or further your education, this is a great state in which to do so.  Our movers have worked with many of the campuses, so they are familiar and well-equipped to get you moved in and settled, so you can worry about more important things, like your studies.

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