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Ranking high among the safest states in the US, Iowa may seem very subdued, but it is far from boring.  From Adventureland, an expansive amusement park featuring fun for the whole family, to the historic and remarkable State Capitol Building, complete with picturesque gold-leaf dome, Iowa truly has something for everyone.  It has been the inspiration (and filming location) for multiple noteworthy movies, such as Field of Dreams and Bridges of Madison County.  Iowa is also home to the Amana Colonies, a popular tourist destination that has been entitled a National Historic Landmark since 1965.  If you are looking for a beautiful, country setting to raise your family, or you just want a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of typical city life, then Iowa may be just the place to settle down.

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Mover’s Checklist

Prior to making the move to Iowa, you will want to enlist the help of professional movers.  In order to ensure you select the proper company, you need to ensure they have certain qualities before you commit and sign a contract.  The following list is a good starting point to vet prospective movers.

  1. Experience: You would never hire a rookie construction crew to build your house, so why would you entrust all your belongings to a team of movers with no experience? It is especially important that you not only verify the company’s experience, but also make sure they have adequate familiarity with the locale to which you are moving.  We only work with movers with a tried and true history within Iowa, so you can feel safe knowing that they know where they are going and exactly what they’re doing.
  2. Reputation: Any professional company should never hesitate to provide you with references upon request, and we also encourage you to do your own research to determine a good and solid reputation. Please keep in mind that online review sites can sometimes be skewed toward the negative, because people tend to remember and report on less than stellar experiences over positive.  However, unless there is a clear pattern of neglect or unresolved problems, you can disregard a few rogue adverse reviews.
  3. Price: Moving doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We are both budget-friendly AND we work to customize a package that fits you best, so you’re not paying extra for things you don’t need.  Always be cautious if a company gives you a quote that seems much lower than others, it is very possible they may add on additional fees later, or completely revise the quote when it comes time to sign a contract.  Contact our relocation specialists today, so they can customize a package based directly on your own personal move to Iowa.


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