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Officially called “the Gem State” because almost every type of precious stone can be found here, Idaho is more commonly referred to as “the Potato State” because of the prevalence of this popular root crop.  The state has a low crime rate and comparably low cost of living which makes it ideal for families interested in purchasing a house and settling in the suburbs.  Idaho is also a great place for outdoor recreation, so if you are an adventurer, you can find ideal locations for skiing, hiking and mountain biking.  Despite the fact that it is not located next to the Pacific Ocean, the climate is still somewhat influenced by it.  You can expect to experience four distinct seasons, each one as beautiful as the last.  If you are already sold on moving to Idaho, the next step is to seek out and hire a professional mover to help with your relocation.

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Mover Requirements

Moving can be stressful and costly, but with the help of a team of experienced professionals by your side, it doesn’t have to be quite as intimidating.  However, finding the best company to work with can be a chore in itself.  To make the process easier from start to finish, use the following criteria to help narrow down your options and make the right choice

Experience- Although the number of years in business is a good indicator of experience, you’ll also want to ensure they have sufficient familiarity with Idaho as well.  It wouldn’t do you any good to employ veterans in the industry that have never been in your destination state.  Our relocation specialists will match you to a team either based in Idaho, or with sufficient experience, so that you have peace of mind knowing they are familiar with the area.

Reputation- As with most service industries, a good reputation is very important.  Don’t be afraid to request references and do a little online research before requesting a quote or signing a contract.  Online review websites, such as Yelp, can help ensure there is no pattern of negligence, and the Better Business Bureau can show you how well the company works to resolve complaints.  We only work with the best in the industry, so you can feel safe entrusting your belongings to the team with whom we match you.

Cost- This may be at the top of the list for you, depending on your budget.  Request quotes from a variety of companies, so you can compare and contrast what each one is offering for how much.  Be wary of those who provide drastically lower quotes than the others, because they may revise the quote down the line, after you are too invested or it is too late to switch companies.  Also, keep in mind that the most expensive company may not necessary provide the best service.  Always go with your gut and pick the one that best works for your personal situation.

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