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South Miami Heights is in DadeCounty, south east of the state of Florida in the United States of America. The city is located approximately 7 miles from the Atlantics Ocean’s Biscayne Bay. This census-designated region has a population of 35,696. The city’s location experiences tropical climate.

South Miami Heights is a city with so many remarkable attractions. It is home to the eminent St. Joakim Catholic Church, which also serves as a landmark. The church is conventionally known to have written several archdioceses regarding practices of the parish. Other major attractions include; San Joaquin Iglesia Catolica, Eureka Park and Quail Roost Park. San Joaquin Iglesia is remarkably magnificent during sunset. It is normally the ideal time to do observations and photography.

As it is said, “sight is reality, deception is luxury” restaurants here have perfected in giving the best outlook appearance for people to eat with their eyes first. The city hosts antique contemporary restaurants which are foreign but locally based. Examples are Punto Peru and Olive Gardens.

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Reasons to move to South Miami Heights, FL

Having based the federally acclaimed Lucent Visual Creations and Thompsons Park stables, the city boasts to receive more and more entrepreneurs coming to settle here and open more federally acclaimed business corporations. The city is proud to be the home of Miami-Dade County. Much infrastructural developments have been noticed in the recent past, especially the dominance of newly established businesses, in the city’s skylines. We are fully receptive to your business, relocating here!

Business: the city has tremendously flourished in modern business ventures which are evidently seen to be recently dominating the skyline of South Miami Heights. Examples are World Business Aerospace (shopping and retail) and Xpress Trucking Business. Solution agencies have also thrived to resolve your hard rock endeavours in your daily business!

Education: Education is full-spectrum in South Miami Heights-from preschools to special schools. Examples of schools here include; First impressions Preschool and Child Care Centre, Caribbean Elementary School, Miami Heights Elementary School, Miami Beach high School, South West Miami Senior School and South Miami Lutheran Church school.

Health care: with the advancing levels to combat medical issues and diseases, health care facilities in South Miami Heights have aggressively looked forward to establish Full Service Medical equipment as well as employing skilful professionals to see to the interest of every patient admitted in these facilities. Examples of hospitals and nursing homes include; Homestead hospital, Y & D Nursing Services, St. Anne’s Nursing Centre and South Dade Nursing home.

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