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Kendall West is an unincorporated region of the suburbs in Miami. The location occupies Dade County, Florida. Kendall West lies on a considerably small piece of land which has an area of 3.68 square miles. It has a massive population of 38,034 with an incredible population density of 10,280 per square mile!

Major share of the population is accounted for by whites who have a distinctive percentage of 88.4%, exclusive of white Hispanic. The sheer portion is taken by Asians, African Americans, Hispanic and multi racial. Spanish is a language more common here than English. Residents who speak Spanish account for a whopping gross percentage of 84%. English is spoken by 13.5% of Kendall West residents while 2.1 percent by mother tongue and French. This makes Kendall Westneighbourhood to be a very unique, compared to neighbouring communities.

Attractions in Kendall West include little swimmers and Mr. & Mrs Bun. Little Swimmers is a recreational site for kids who are categorized according to skill before friendly swimming competitions. It is a thrill to accompanying parents as well.


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Reasons to move to Kendall West

Kendall West is a densely populated area. A population density of 10,280/ mi2 is just incredible. The entire region is endowed with local small businesses. As an entrepreneur, who is looking forward to relocating? This will be the most ideal place for you to establish your business. The neighbourhood has so long upheld an exceptional and healthy business environment. Kendall West has so many business opportunities yet to be ventured in to. You will definitely be assured of a long term sustainable market and see your business dominate the skyline of Kendall West!

Business: businesses in Kendall whether small or moderate has ideally with a resolution of expanding the breadths of its economy. This is seen in the active participation of intra-neighbourhood trade, which has now stretched its lengths to intra-industry trade in the region! This strategy is purposed to boost the expanse of Kendall West market and provide a sufficiently wide economic and market space for the new entrepreneurial prospects.

Education: the neighbourhood is home to Creighton University which has continually received high enrolment rates for a decade now. This has improved overall graduation rates in the county.

Healthcare: Kendall West contains West Kendall Baptist Hospital (a satellite hospital which has nobly served the residents since its establishment), Miami Children’s Hospital and Baptist E R.

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