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The Capital of Alabama, Montgomery has been voted as the best Historic City by USA Today. Known for its ethnic diversity and humid subtropical climate, this city houses the Maxwell Air Force base. This city has been known to be the birthplace of several events like The Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Civil Rights Movement and the Selma to Montgomery March. The city also has several industries thriving on the banks of the Alabama river. The RSA tower is a big landmark and is a significant feature in the city’s skyline. The city houses a number of parks, community centres and golf courses. The major job opportunities in the city is from the Maxwell Air Force base. This city is ideal for families with children, what with sixty five playgrounds, several baseball and soccer fields. The city has some great schools and for higher education, there are colleges like Alabama State University, Troy University, Auburn University and University of Alabama – Birmingham Medical School. If you feel this city is the right place for you, the moving will be a smooth transition with the help of a professional team of movers.

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  • Personal:  Sometimes a change of scenery is precisely what the doctor ordered, but there’s no need to get out of your mind in the attempt to achieve this.  Enlist our help and let us do the heavy lifting.  Moving is a large undertaking, but the benefits should always outweigh the costs, and we can help ensure this can be the case.
  • Business:  Although the vast majority of business moves are vastly positive due to an in-house company promotion or possibly a better opportunity elsewhere, some require a move on short notice, and this alone can add undue stress.  Montgomery has great job prospects, but don’t let the overwhelming pressure of an intimidating relocation process deter you from trying your hand at a new profession.  Let us pair you with the perfect package to get your things (and you) where you need be when you need to be there.
  • Military:  Regardless if you are just picking up and moving yourself, or you will have a family to transfer as well, we can aid you in getting everything to your final destination on time, allowing you to worry about what matters most.  Don’t forget to check out our military discount to help alleviate the cost even more so.
  • Education:  Starting a new educational journey can be both exciting and a little scary.  Let us take away a few of the stress that is inherent in new ventures by taking care of the heavy lifting.  Montgomery is home to many great collegiate institutions and we have experience within a lot of the campuses you might be attending

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