Saving Money On a Long Distance Move

High moving expenses are always associated with long distance moves, and if you are planning one, you may be concerned about that. “So how do I cut costs?” you keep asking. Try these things out, and you will surely be saving yourself some bucks.


Choose to move during an off-peak season

Moving costs will always be higher at those periods when the demand is high. You should avoid moving during such times. Most people move during the summer because it is such a great time to pack everything and everyone up and move. Avoid summer. You may consider fall or early spring. And when it’s time to move, avoid weekends. During these off-peak periods, demand is low for moving companies, and they drop their prices. You will be able to get good deals.

Get free boxes

You do not need to pay exorbitant prices to get moving boxes. Check on Freecycle or Craigslist, ask friends, family members, or neighbors who moved recently, post online on a social network, etc., and you can find some free boxes. Use empty boxes from your office and home. But in all these, make sure the boxes are strong and sturdy.

Sort your stuff, sell some, donate some, trash some

Sorting through all your stuff will help you reduce the excesses and subsequently cut the cost of movement. Discard the things that are no longer useful. And for the others (those you can do without), sell or donate them. Selling will bring you some extra cash, while donating can bring you tax deduction.

Maybe driving can save you some

Consider the cost of getting everyone to your new destination by driving (including gas and lodging on the way) and by flying (flight tickets and cost of shipping your car). Compare these two costs. It is possible to find that flying will cost you more. If that is the case, then settle for driving.

Try packing yourself

This will save you some money, but you should be warned that this can be a very daunting task. Be ready for some backache and stress. But if you really want to do this and save some bucks, then begin early enough. This will allow you plenty of time to pack wisely and efficiently.

Research well and find a better deal

Do some research on moving costs, compare quotes, try negotiating with the mover, and get something favorable. Settle for speedy movers and save some time. Make sure you are prepared, and avoid extra charges.

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