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San Rafael is located just at the north of the bustling city of San Francisco. San Rafael strategic location makes it the economic and cultural center of Marin. With easy access to a lively downtown and world famous recreations, the city offers a great place to live and work at the same time.


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Reasons to Move to San Rafael

As an interesting city for live, business, and even retirement, San Rafael is full of many attractions and has its own allure for new residents and visitors. If you are considering a move to San Rafael, here are things you will enjoy about the place. And remember that to get settled there, you must ensure you use only reliable movers.

Business: The city is a great place to start and grow a business. Businesses are drawn to San Rafael by the thriving local economy, natural setting, convenient access and quality schools. The city is a center for the entertainment industry, particularly the high-tech elements of the business and best known for the global hit movie series “Star Wars” and “the Indiana Jones”

It is primarily a commercial area within Marin County. The business base is healthy and diverse, fueled by a mix of technology, financial and professional service companies. San Rafael is also the corporate headquarters of Autodesk and BioMarin.

Personal: The city, unlike the rest of the county, has lively restaurants and vibrant night life for those who love night activities. The city offers world class recreational opportunities such as hiking, mountain biking and sailing right at your doorsteps. It also boasts of tree lined streets, historic homes, waterfront views and vibrant downtown living surrounded by a great natural beauties. If you are thinking of what you will do in San Rafael, you need not bother because the city has a lively urban environment with a full array of cultural arts, shopping and dining opportunities for lovers of food. There is always something to do in San Rafael. The city is loaded with events, from annual parade of lights and winter wonderland to children event at the San Rafael public library. In the north side, the city has the Northgate Mall which provide an enclosed mall experience with both shopping and entertainment opportunities. Residents and visitors choose San Rafael for its quality of life with sites to keep you captivated with nature.

Education: San Rafael has one university, Dominican University of California. It is also home to one of the two campuses of Guide Dogs for the Blind, a guide dog training school.It also has the Phoenix Academic,which is a California charter school where chemically dependent students can develop a drug and alcohol free lifestyle to make academic progress.

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