San Gorgonio Pass, also called Banning Pass, is a gap on the rim of the Great Basin located in Banning California, a fertile valley running east and west. It has an elevation of 2600 feet and separates two ranges of towering mountains. It is one of the deepest mountain passes created by the San Andreas Fault. The Pure Mountain Air, fertile soil and water which flows from the canyon bringing the snow from the Mountain peaks has been said to account for the prosperity of its three surrounding towns Beaumont, Banning and Cabazon.


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Reasons to Move to San Gorgonio Pass

Many cities are interesting to visit; here is what makes San Gorgonio Pass a place to call a home

Weather-San Gorgonio is characterized by a sunny climate; it is mostly dry with very mild temperatures which allow residents and visitors to savor its attractions. It can also characterized by harsh winters during which people are advised to stay indoors and it tends to be windy, so pack a jacket.

Tourism – The San Gorgonio pass is characterized by many ruins ranging from adobe buildings of the Indians who first occupied the valley to the wagon road trails created by Spanish Explorers, this Pass has been called an absolute branch, so uniform and open it has been considered the best pass in the Coastal Range, it also has the San Gorgino Wind farms, which consist of 3218 units delivering 615MW of Energy and the Cabazon Dinosaurs also called Claude Bell’s Dinosaurs which are giant sculptured roadside attractions featuring Dinny the Dinosaur, a larger than life Brontosaurus and Mr. Rex, a 100 ton Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Education-The San Gorgonio Pass is famous for the Mount San Jacinto College founded in 1962 by Dr. Roger Schultz; the School has the Alice P. Cutting Business and Technology Center which has state of the art laboratories for Business, Computer Information Science, Engineering Technologies, Electronic and Photography, the school also has a state of the art music building, a learning resource center, a Social Science and Humanities Building, the Pass also houses the San Gorgonio High School

Entertainment – The San Gorgonio Pass, due to its location is a major stop for famous celebrities; famous films like Buckshot John (1915), Fatherhood (1915), Mission Impossible 3 were shot in this location. In the late 1940s, Bob Hope broadcast several of his NBC radio programs from the Banning Theater and had numerous entertainers as guests on his show,On Memorial Day, 1949, Frank Sinatra performed at the Annual Barbecue and Fiesta at the St. Boniface School. The audience of 2000 enjoyed his performance and that of Janet Leigh, who also sang several numbers.

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