Royal Palm Beach lies on the Palm Beach County in Florida, United States. It is approximately 16 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The Village is located in the South Eastern of the state of Florida. Royal Palm Beach experiences tropical climate. It is near the Loxahatchee National World life refuge that is home to endangered species. The village is vastly covered by palm trees rendering balance in the ecosystem and a sustainable perfect environment. The region has a population of 82,604 with almost a perfect balance in gender; male population is 40,438 (49.0%) and female, 42,166 (51.0%).

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Reasons to move to Royal Palm Beach-West Jupiter

The existing long serving businesses, with a mild intensity to entrepreneurial innovations make Royal Palm- West Jupiter to be susceptible to evolutionary business perception. This would prompt the approach of business opportunities in a more aggressive manner.
Business: The town has steadfastly depicted a strong extent of competitiveness and higher household incomes in comparison to the State of Florida. The house hold income in the town is $69,528 as opposed to the State’s overall which is at $51,031! The income per capita ranges at $32,294. Strategic location of Royal Palm Beach makes it prone to host tourists as well as obtain them to witness the town’s attractions. It avails vacation travel and tourist transport to the neighbouring Wildlife Refuge This improves the town’s economy. In addition, there are numerous industries taking up remarkable percentage in the town’s workforce.

  • Construction industry (16%)
  • Public administration (8%)
  • Technical services
  • Support and waste management services
  • Business management services
  • Financial insurance companies

Education: local have profoundly embraced education. High percentages of population of 25 year olds and above have been on the helm of statistics. 88.8% of this batch have attained high school and above. 28.6% have attained Bachelor’s degrees and above. An impressive 10.6% have attained graduate and professional degrees! Numerous middle, public and elementary schools continue to register high enrolment rates by learners opting to engage in school education than doing tuition and home schooling.
Healthcare: Royal Palm Beach-West Jupiter has established an unbeatable number of health facilities in the region, continuing to intensively engage in medical research aimed at efficiently delivering to locals, environs and far reaching secluded locations.  Advanced Dialysis facility in Western Community Centre is one of the most advanced modern in the entire Palm Beach County. The town houses quality nursing homes rehabilitation centres and emergency acute care centres to urgently tackle subjective conditions professionally. The units have received high preference in the county.
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