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Redwood City, the city with the best climate, is the county seat of San Mateo County. It is situated north of California’s Bay Area, on the San Francisco Peninsula. You will love this city for many things, especially its climate. While Redwood City is not like the bigger San Francisco kind of cities where you have the big parties, it is still such a great place to live and raise a family, with a remarkable family oriented feel. The city is very diverse, with its many neighborhoods offering different feels, from the more urban east, north and central areas, to rural hillside.

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Reasons to Move to Redwood City

While you would have your own reasons for which you may want to move, Redwood City, like many others, presents you with very interesting allures that makes it a place to call a home. And if the city is your choice, then you have also found reliable movers who can help you get there without stress.

Climate- You’ve heard it before, but perhaps it is worth mentioning again. Redwood’s climate is remarkably great. Even the city’s motto says it: “Climate Best ByGovernment Test”. It refers to a pre-World War I climate survey that picked the city among a few others for the world’s best climate. The city sees warm and dry summers, and cool to wet winters.

Economy- Redwood City is home to many notable companies, like the Ampex, Oracle, Evernote, Shutterfly, BroadVision, and lots more. It may interest you to also find out that Redwood City is home to the main office of DreamWorks. And for game lovers, Electronic Arts (EA) has its headquarters in the city. This shows the city is a good place for business, and there are also many career opportunities for residents.

Education- If you are a patent, you want to make sure you can find good schools for your children. Quality education is important, and that is what you want for your children. Even the city knows this. The city is served by the Redwood City School Districts and some parts of the Sequoia Union High School District. They comprise of great elementary, middle and high schools. In addition to that there are four branches of the Peninsula Library System present in the city. So much for the bookworms.

Entertainment, sports and recreation- Even if you are moving for business or career purpose, the need for entertainment cannot be erased. After a hard day’s work, or at the end of the work week, finding a place to unwind is important, and the city offers you many options to choose from amongst many trendy shops, bars and restaurants. And with over 20 parks present in the area, there is room for outdoor recreation activities of any kind.

For whichever kind of move you are embarking upon, we are well able to take care of it and make sure you have a smooth relocation.

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