Planning a Move – Your Guide To a Successful Move

Moving is lot of work. Merely thinking about it can be scary. Apart from the momentary disruption of having to get yourself and all you own out of a place you are already familiar with, into a new environment, there is the issue of having so much to do for the move.

In order not to be overwhelmed, you should plan your move. Here’s how to do that:


To do that, here are things you should take care of.

  1. Begin early

When do you plan to make the final move? It is important to begin early. With so much to do, giving yourself plenty time helps you to about things with ease.


  1. Work with a checklist

A checklist for your move keeps you in check. It includes everything to do before and on the day of the actual move. And as the days go by, you tick off the ones that have been completed and focus on those to be done next.


  1. Set out a ‘timetable’ for the move

Map out the timeline for the relocation. You’ve made your checklist, but now you go a step further. With your checklist, put dates and deadlines on when to get them done.


  1. Avoid procrastination

Your timetable should guide you, and you should adhere to it. Do not yield to the temptation of believing you have plenty time to do anything. Whatever you miss may either be forgotten or hurriedly done (which could lead to mistakes).


  1. Inform everyone concerned

While you have started your arrangements, get every party concerned informed. This can include your friends and family, especially those who you’d like to be part of the moving.


  1. Plan your packing

If you are doing your packing by yourself, you should plan it and begin early with things you do not use often. And as you get closer to the D-day, you get more things packed and labeled properly. This will also mean you start arranging for packing supplies.

Make your moving inventory

With many things to move, you are better off with an inventory to help you keep tab with all the items to be moved. This list will come in handy both for the actual move and after the move, to ascertain everything is okay and nothing is missing or damaged.


All that being said, here are basic activities that make up every move. They should be part of your plan and checklist:

  • Research on your new location; find schools, hospitals, vets, and other things you’d be changing
  • Sort and purge your things
  • Search for, and start arrangement with, a moving company
  • Remember to research moving company with the Better Business Bureau
  • Organize all the records: school, financial, medical, etc
  • Start using up things you cannot move, or plan to give them away
  • Get your packing supplies if you’d pack by yourself
  • Start packing and labeling
  • Separate your valuables
  • Finalize arrangement with your mover
  • Get your change of address done
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Confirm arrangement with moving company
  • Make sure your necessities are packed differently
  • Verify your inventory

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