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Palos Verdes, a beautiful city with amazing sites. One of the reasons people like this city is the ocean views, coastline views and city light views enjoyed by many of the homes. The city is frequented by runners, hikers, horseback riders, surfers, you can name it. Compared to most of the local beach community, Palos Verdes has a high building standards. The city has a well-planned housing structure and a good place for real estate business.You can enjoy the spectacular views along the coastline as well as the magnificent city views. Those who have relocated can attest to this fact.

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Reasons to Move to Palos Verdes

When considering moving to a place, certain things are of importance to you. Palos Verdes, as a city, makes provisions for these things in very interesting ways.

Education- When it comes to education, Palos Verdes has high quality schools, some of the best in the state, consistently ranked among the top standard test scores. A city with the highest rated API (Academic Performance Index) scores in California and highest average SAT scores. Your kids would be rightly placed when schooling in the city. The city also boast of three libraries, the Peninsula Center library, Miraleste Library and the Malaga Cove library.

Attractions-: Palos Verdes is a city loaded with different attractions and landmarks to give you the feel of nature and life. Imagine yourself sitting on a particular spot and watching the gray whales migrate to and from their breeding lagoon in Baya, California. Not moved? If you love hiking, then the Del Cerro Park is the last spot to experience the fun of hiking. The city also has a transparent glass chapel in a redwood forest known as the Wayfarers Chapel. The sport freaks aren’t exempted from the fun. The city has the Trump National Golf club on the ocean trails cliff. Thinking of moving with your family or as a single, the baseball and basketball program is a sure place to be for the sporting ones.

Great beaches– In southern California, the beach is always calling. The beach at Terranea Resort is great for kayaking or other water sports, but if you want to lie out or swim, give us that call. Redondo Beach is a wide, sandy beach draws thousands of people to lie out, play beach volleyball or just bike or rollerblade on The Strand that runs by it. Redondo is great for a picnic lunch, too.Sunbathing is also very popular at Hermosa Beach, and the waters here are a great place to surf and paddleboard. Hermosa boasts a fun bar scene to bookend a day on the sand.

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