Packing Wisely – What Not To Take

Getting ready to move? Packing is one of the nightmares you face when relocating. It is not just enough to pack, but for many reasons, you should pack wisely. You don’t want so much junks to add up to the cost of moving. So, how do you do it?

  • Go through every part of your home, your garage, or any other storage areas; access all your stuff, group them, and classify them into such categories as: “Must take,” “just in case,” “not needed,” and “trash.”
  • Throw away those that fall under the trash category; they are probably things that are no longer useful, but have, somehow, still found themselves occupying your space.
  • The “not needed” things should either be sold or given out.
  • Depending on the size of your new home, you may as well do away with the “just in case” items if there won’t be enough spaces for them. But if you having a hard time deciding, you can leave them, but pledge to get rid of them (sell or give) after some months of not using them when you get to your new home.
  • When all that is done, you can begin to pack your must-takes.

That being said, there are certain items that need to be mentioned, which cannot be packed, should not be packed, or must not be packed for several reasons like safety or convenience. Here are some “thou-shalt-not-packs” for moving.



If it is a long distance move, it will be difficult to pack and move your plants. They’d probably not survive the move after all. Some states do not allow plants to be moved across their state lines. You can find out about this from your moving company.


Packing fresh food items can be challenging, as they can either spoil and/or make a mess of other items. They include such things as frozen foods, dairy products, eggs, etc. Consider donating the food to a food bank.

Hazardous items

Hazardous materials, flammables, or explosives, are not to be packed. They include ammunition, batteries, gasoline, matches, nail polish and remover, paints, acids, pesticides, etc.

Personal and high value items

Don’t pack your cash, jewels, expensive collections, documents, family photos, birth certificates, medical records, school records, financial documents, keys, etc. They fall into things you should rather take along with you. Moreover, things like prescription drugs should be handy, so you can access them easily when needed.

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