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North Lauderdale is a compact town right in the heart of Broward County, the center of South Florida. The city is located strategically which makes it a community rich in diversity with over 42,000 residents from all corners of the world. People choose to relocate to North Lauderdale to secure a place in the sun and partake in South Florida’s vibrant economy while building a future for their children. Residents believe that the future is more promising given the current economic developments in the town.

Whether you are planning to relocate or you are a resident of North Lauderdale, the city always looks for innovative ways to serve you better. It is a fantastic place to visit and on many occasions, it has been named as one of the top 100 communities for the youth by the America’s Promise Alliance.  A suburb of Fort Lauderdale, this city is giving people more and more reasons to live. Although it is a cozy five-square-mile, its current growth spurt is only getting started.


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Reasons for relocating to North Lauderdale

The growing economy, advanced schools system, good health care, and improved infrastructure are just some of the reason why people want to live in North Lauderdale. It is the place to be if you love a serene and friendly neighborhood with lots of opportunities for business and self-growth. If you are relocating to the city, our expert movers will help you settle in a location with easy access to the necessary facilities and infrastructure.

Business North Lauderdale offers many business opportunities to its people. With a thriving economy, residents have opportunities to work and contribute to the growth and development of the town.  North Lauderdale’s proximity to neighboring cities and central location to Southern Florida makes it an attractive place for more business and foreign currency. Our relocation experts know the ropes; they will help you identify the best business opportunities near your residence.

Healthcare– North Lauderdale has an advanced health care system where residents have access to quality care and services. There are 47 hospitals and health facilities in and near North Lauderdale some of which include University Hospital and Medical Center and North Broward Hospital for all your family and emergency medical needs.  Our expert movers will help you get a home near some of the best treatment facilities in the city.

Education– North Lauderdale has six primary and secondary schools. Broadview Elementary School is among the best with 1,038 students and rated 5. The public schools in the city are part of the Broward Fau Lab Sch. Your kids can enroll at City College Fort Lauderdale, which is only 3.6 miles from North Lauderdale center.

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