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Contrary to popular belief, New Mexico was not actually named after Mexico, but was named and colonized by the Spanish well before their southern neighbors had their name.  It is considered one of the Mountain States and referred to as the “Land of Enchantment.”  The landscape and terrain vary greatly across the state, and the weather also experiences significant climate differences depending on the location and season.  The work force and economy are stable and the cost of living is lower than most states, so it can be an ideal place to relocate for many.  Because of the mild climate and warm weather, it is also a popular destination for retirees.  No matter your reason to make New Mexico your home, it is important that you seek out and hire a reliable professional moving company to ensure your move goes off without a hitch.

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Mover Requirements

The following four guidelines are a good jumping off point when enlisting the help of professionals, and although these parameters are tailored specifically for movers, they are good recommendations when looking to hire virtually any company in any industry.

  1. Experience- It is important to do some research and find out how long the company has been in business, but length of time is not the only factor. You will want to ensure they have adequate experience within New Mexico itself.  Our relocation specialists are standing by ready to connect you to a team of movers best suited for your personal situation.
  2. Reputation- Request letters of recommendation or references from anyone you are considering. Legitimate companies should volunteer up this information freely with no hesitation.  Also, verify good standing on online review websites, such as Yelp, and check rating with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Important to Remember– People tend to remember and document negative experiences over positive, so do not base your final decision on a few rogue reviews when the majority of the information you obtain is positive.  Unless, you find a clear pattern, you can usually ignore the few adverse assessments.
  3. Price- As with any service, the most expensive is not always the best, and the cheapest is not usually the worst. Our agents will work within your budget to customize a package that fulfills your wants and needs, so you can have the help of professionals without going into debt simultaneously.
  4. Professionalism- You will notice a difference in our service from your first point of contact. We know that first impressions matter, and we want to earn your business by guaranteeing you the most qualified and proficient service possible.  This is one standard that is based more on your gut feeling than a quantitative value.


Moving to a new state such as New Mexico can truly be a daunting and stressful transition, but armed with the right information and a veteran moving team, it can be an altogether pleasant experience.

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