Nebraska is a fertile and bountiful Midwestern state crossed by many historic trails.  Even Lewis and Clark passed through this diverse state, and it was home to many gold rush settlers.  Now, Nebraska boasts a bevy of unique attractions that make it extremely appealing to residents and tourists alike.  With a relatively low cost of living, a somewhat high average income, much higher than average quality of life, and low unemployment rates, it is a great place to consider if you are looking to make a large scale move to a new state.  Nebraska is characterized by its treeless plains and part of the state is located in the Great Plains region of the US.  The weather is quite extreme and varies greatly depending on the season.  A great emphasis is placed on education, making Nebraska ideal for a family with children.  Locals are also known for their friendliness and hospitality, so getting adjusted and settled is much easier than you might think.  However, if you do intend to make such a major transition, you absolutely must enlist the help of professionals to ensure your move goes off without a hitch.

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Mover Requirements

Whether you are moving from a neighboring city, a neighboring state, or across an entire country, it is in your best interest to hire professional movers.  However, the list of requirements to ensure you pick a good team is endless.  The following four guidelines are a basic set of criteria that can help get you started on your search for movers.

Experience- You will want to pick a company that has adequate time in the industry, and also has extensive experience within the state of Nebraska itself.  Whether your move is to Lincoln or Omaha, our relocation specialists will pair you up with a team best matched to your personal scenario and your particular destination.

Reputation- Experience is only the first component, as the number of years in business shows just a small part of the whole picture.  Ask for references and do your own online research.  A quick perusal of the company’s Yelp reviews and the verification of the Better Business Bureau standing will give you a better idea.  We only work with the best in the industry, so you can feel safe in knowing that the movers tasked with your relocation will be extremely well-equipped with an impeccable record.

Cost- This is often one of the most important requirements, especially if you are on a tight moving budget.  Our relocation specialists will ask you questions to determine your needs, so they can customize a package that meets your requirements and still stays within your budget.

Professionalism- Because this value is purely qualitative and not at all quantitative, go with your gut feelings.  We understand that a first impression is important in helping build a good rapport, so you can expect the highest level of service and professionalism from your initial point of contact until you reach your final destination.

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