Moving with kids- how to make it smooth

Moving is not always, (or ever even) an entirely delightful experience. It is not just about the hectic process of getting all your possessions down to some new location, the difficulty in picking this new place, and all the other parts of the process. Rooting out everyone from a place they have called home for a long time (or however short it may have been), cutting away from friends and becoming a stranger in a new territory again, are all some of the hidden more painful parts of the process.

Even when the move holds better promises, everyone still suffers some sort of loss. But moves have got to happen, whether or not we like it. And if adults get to feel the brief discomfort moves bring, it would be so much heavier on the children. They will react in different ways to express their unhappiness about the change. New York Times once did a research on how moves affect kids. Here are some ways you can help your child when moving.

Prepare them for it

Don’t wait till it’s time, then you pull them along with you. Preparing them on time for the change will help them anticipate it and embrace the change. Tell them early, and tell them all the implications of the move. Help them prepare to disconnect from friends and all their favorite things about the current location.

Let them express their feelings

Your kids may react positively or negatively. When negative, you would be concerned as this can span for a really long time even after the move. Allow them to express themselves however they feel about the move, and be patient to let them adapt at their own pace.

Don’t throw their old stuffs away

Moving is a good time to declutter and get rid of some things. But be careful not to also dispose toys and things your kids love to play with. They may need these things to help them retain the feeling of being at home in your new house. Try to keep things the way they’ve known them to be, especially in their rooms. Don’t force too much changes on them at the same time.

Get them involved

For kids more than six years, it would help to give them a sense of belonging by making them a part of the move. The simplest way is in the packing process. Let them pick their toys and help pack their own things. Making the process a family thing and letting them see you demonstrate ease and a positive attitude towards the move can also help them take things lightly.

Get them active in their new environment

Once in your new location, get involved in the community and let your kids do, too. With this you can help them easily find more interesting things about the new place that will start taking their minds off the excitement of what they left. Help them to see the beautiful things about the move and their new environment. Take them to the zoo, museum, ortheater, and get into some outdoor recreation activities. Enrol them in some lessons on their favorite sports or talent.

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