Moving with Children: Proper Precautions to Keep Safe

Children are fun, exciting, and often unpredictable little human beings.  Because of this, moving with small ones can be very stressful for the parents, and sometimes downright dangerous for the children if you’re not careful.  By taking the following tips to heart, you can make the entire process go that much smoother and stay much safer for all involved.

Keep unsafe items out of reach

This applies to what you’re packing, such as cleaning products, knives, and medications, as well as packing supplies, box cutters, scissors, and even packing tape dispensers equipped with a serrated blade can be harmful if in the wrong hands.  Store these items up high or make sure to close and secure boxes filled with dangerous items immediately to reduce the risk of prying fingertips grabbing a hold of something they shouldn’t.  Set-up your packing/unpacking command center somewhere out of sight, and use a baby gate or a locked door to keep these tools away from the children.

Childproof your new home immediately

If you can, go to your new home ahead of time and make sure it is childproof as best as possible before bringing your kids there.  Use outlet covers, install cabinet locks, and cover door knob handles, and always use baby gates to block stair access.  When moving large furniture into your new place, make sure it is properly secured to the walls as needed.  A large TV propped precariously on a cabinet can be just as dangerous as a speeding car if a small child ends up in the way.

Enlist the help of a babysitter

At certain points in the moving process, depending on the children’s ages, it is just not smart to allow them to be around and underfoot.  Ask a friend or family member if you must, but do find someone to take care of the little ones during the most dangerous parts of the move.  Loading/unloading a truck involves a lot of heavy lifting and small fingers and feet can definitely get in the way.  Anytime the doors to the old place or the new are opening and closing frequently is a risky time because a child may leave without anyone noticing.

Spend time with your children

Finally, upon arriving at your new home, it is a good idea to spend a good chunk of quality time with your children getting acclimated to the surroundings.  This will also allow you to monitor what the kids are attracted to that could be dangerous, so you can alleviate the issue before it escalates into a problem.  Your undivided attention and companionship will also help ease apprehension, anxiety, and even any fear that might be developing in a child who doesn’t fully grasp what is happening.  Above all, remember to communicate clearly, keep a close eye on the children, and try not to stress about the little things, it will help the entire family get through the process that much easier.

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