Middleburg-clay Hill is an inland village in the State of Florida. The village is located in Clay County and it occupies the region on the extreme west of the County. Middleburg is an unincorporated area and is among the ten unincorporated communities in the county. The areas are; Bellaire, Doctors inlet, Virginia village, North Meadowbrook Terrace, Melrose, Hibernia, Lake Geneva, McRae and lastly Middleburg-clay Hill.

The village receives adequately high rainfall. This, plus the altitude ahs facilitate immense growth of forests which are subjective to commercial purposes. The trees here are meant for timber which is then used in the construction of homes and other residential structures in the county. These yards have served the county’s economic growth and prospect in property investment.


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Reasons to move to Middleburg, FL

Middleburg-clay Hill is the richest in terms of arable land and agricultural produce. It is actually considered the “bedroom” of Clay County. This village has a significant population that would definitely be susceptible to the credible new product or commercial service offered by a new business established in the area. With few businesses cropping up in the surrounding townships, moving to this location will help your product marketing be very extensive and may dominantly remain in the top is the workable strategies are distinctively met by noble business objectives.

Business: Middleburg-clay Hill has a strong tax base, inclusive of cattle ranches, commercial hay and construction timber. The village is also endowed by a couple of employers. The subjects include sawmills, welding auto repair, and welding. Other exceptional employers are in the tertiary industry which is gradually growing as time goes by.

Education: the village is a home for elementary and a junior High school. There are two elementary schools and a junior high school- Middleburg-clay Hill High school. There has been a huge growth in enrolment of the schools in Middleburg. This is certainly due to the fact that every parent wants to send their sons and daughters to quality schools with good learning environment. This has been showcased by the enrolment of students from immediate neighbouring villages and other new residents who have relocated to settle in Middleburg-clay Hill!

Healthcare:Middleburg’sendowed with pharmacies for secondary healthcare. Pharmacists here and other professional health practitioners available in the village work efficiently to give quality medical service and sufficiently deliver the precise health care needed by subject patients.

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