Michigan, often called “The Great Lake State,” is the only state to consist solely of two peninsulas.  Despite Michigan’s diverse economy, it is still best known as the hub of automotive manufacturing in the US, with three major company headquarters located in Detroit.  Detroit also serves as the location for the state’s four professional sports teams, the Tigers (baseball), the Lions (football), the Red Wings (hockey), and the Pistons (basketball).  Although the weather varies greatly from the Upper to the Lower Peninsula, you can expect long hot summers and long cold winters, with very little fluctuations in terms of spring and fall.  No matter where you choose to settle, you will never be more than an hour and a half’s drive from one of the three bordering Great Lakes.  If you have decided to make the move to this interesting and diverse state, it is in your best interest to enlist the help of a competent and affordable professional moving company.

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Reasons to Move to Michigan

Our relocation specialists have handled every type of move known to man, and are well-equipped to match you to a team of movers best suited to handle your Michigan move.  The following types, however, are the most common reasons to relocate and are both our agents’ and movers’ core areas of expertise.

Business- Although you may be interested in getting your foot in the door in the automotive industry, there are a plethora of other business opportunities within Michigan that may very likely be drawing you in.  Boasting a fairly low unemployment rate, Michigan offers ample employment in high-tech industries, as well as tourism, agriculture, and research.  Whatever your specialty may be, you can most likely find a lucrative opening best suited to your skill set.

Personal- Maybe you have decided your family needs a change of pace, or perhaps, you are looking for a fresh start out on your own.  Whatever your calling may be, we can help you get situated and adjusted to your new location.  Our movers have extensive experience with transporting a large houseful of belongings all the way down to the contents of a simple studio apartment.  Put your trust in us to get your prized possessions where they need to go when they need to be there.

Military- Although there are only two military bases located in Michigan, the state is a prime producer of military equipment, so you may be relocating to work in that industry.  Whatever part you play in the defense of our country, know that we appreciate your service, so make sure to inquire about the military discount on your move when applicable.

Education- University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, is a leading research institution, and boasts a competitive athletics department.  So whether you are moving to pursue a legitimate education from an accredited institution or you are planning on playing football against the school’s biggest rivals (Ohio State), we can help you get acclimated.  Our movers have experience and familiarity with all of Michigan’s institutions of higher education, so you can have peace of mind knowing they will get you there safely, so you can concentrate on your schooling as soon as you arrive.

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