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Perhaps most widely known for the city of New Orleans and more specifically Mardi Gras, Louisiana has a rich and colorful culture paired with traditional southern hospitality.  The weather is typical of the region, with long, hot summers and short, mild winters.  A great deal of the area in Louisiana is made up of swamps and marshes, plus a good amount of forested areas and savannahs allow for diverse plant and animal species throughout the state.  Interesting enough, it is the only state to use the term “parish” to label local areas similar to counties.  Whether you have decided to move on to Bourbon Street, or if you are more at home in the rural area located outside of Baton Rouge, you will want to hire a team of professional movers to help you with the process and get you started off on the right foot in your new state of Louisiana.

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Mover Selection Process

Once you have decided to hire a professional mover, your next step will be to narrow down a list of potential companies.  By following a simple three step process, you should be able to find the mover that best fits your budget while still accommodating all your personal wants and needs, and you’ll be on the road to Louisiana in no time.

  1. Research Potential Companies: You can start by asking friends who have hired movers or simply doing an internet search, but your goal at this point is to find someone who has experience in the area you’re moving, in this case, Louisiana, and also has a good reputation.  Check websites and make phone calls so you can form an accurate first impression of the company’s professionalism.  After you have a short list, do some research on reputation that can include online review sites, references you have requested, and verifying status with the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Request In-Person Quotes: When you have about 3-4 company possibilities, request in-person quotes where an estimator actually comes out to your home and looks over your belongings.  Be clear about what you want moved, because if you leave items out, your quote will not be accurate and can be challenged by the company at a later date.  Compare the different bids and decide who you think is offering the best deal and is most willing to work with your budget.
  3. Make Your Final Selection: Check over the contract carefully before signing and also ensure the company you choose is properly insured by verifying limits on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website which is ran by the US Department of Transportation.  If the information checks out, then congratulations, you have found your Louisiana mover.  Pat yourself on the back and start packing- the hard part is over!



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