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Kendale Lakes is a census-designated area in the Miami Suburb in Miami-Dade. It is within Florida, US. The area was known for its high number of prominent attorneys who resided in it.The indigenous populace was made of the Jewish community. The population has grown over the years with a large population that comprises Spanish people. They account for about 83% of its occupants. There are also people Cuban, Colombian, Peru and Nicaraguan origin.
The area has much to offer for the residents. There are specialty shops and restaurants which the residents hold dearly. There is the Mike’s Pizza and Marino’s Pizza, which offersfinger licking pizzas. There is the Kendale Lakes Mall, which houses K-Mart, which has exciting memories for residents. There are places to relax like the Kendale Lakes Country Club. It’s characterized by tree-lined streets perfect for long walks while unwinding your day. It’s home to amazing coral rocks that are surrounded by turquoise lakes. For game lovers, there is a volleyball court and a golf course located in the Kendale Lakes Park.

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Reasons to move to Kendale Lake

Kendale Lake offers a serene living for residents. You are assured to get all the needed amenities and services in the palm of your hand. We have a team that is specialized in helping you move ensuring your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Healthcare: Kendale Lakes has the best health facilities you could ever wish. Among them is Kendale Lakes Medical Clinic,which offers family healthcare services as well critical health care. There is the Kendale Pet Healthcare Centre that takes care of your pets. The medical personnelis compassionate and highly skilled hence guaranteed excellent care. Our relocation experts are there to help you relocate to a place where you can get a health center with ease.
Business: For residents wishing to start businesses in the area, it’s the best idea. The area offers many job opportunities given the large population of different origins. It means higher returns for you and starting income generating initiatives thrives well. Our qualified team will help you move in quickly.
Education: The area boasts of having the largest public school which is Miami-Dade County Public School.It offers free international studies curriculums as well as bilingual education that comprises of Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German and French. It helps your kids to acquire necessary as well as international education which makes them competitive in the growing world. Our team on the ground will help you move quickly to places where schools are near.

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