Jacksonville, named after Andrew Jackson, is the largest and most populated city in Florida.  It is known for being a major port, for both civilians and military alike, home to two US Navy bases.  The economy subsists on many services, such as banking, healthcare, and logistics, but it is also a major tourist destination, especially due to the prevalence and popularity of golf within the city.  You can expect to experience mild winters, with hot, humid summers and seasonal rainfall during the warmest months.  From a bevy of water and other outdoor activities, to a variety of family friendly attractions, to a multitude of spectator sports, there is truly something for everyone in Jacksonville.  If you decide to call this sunny Southern city your new home, make sure to enlist the help of professionals to ensure your move goes off without a hitch.

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Moving Company Requirements

Whether it is the sunny beaches or the PGA Tour that calls out to you, the requirements for movers will still be the same if you intend to become a resident of Jacksonville.  Our relocation specialists are specially trained to determine your needs and customize a moving package that explicitly fits with your requirements and your budget.  The following are good guidelines to ensure you have found the best match in a professional moving company.

Experience- The number of years in business is only a small indicator of this requirement.  You will also want to determine the moving team’s actual experience within the city of Jacksonville as well.  Our agents will pair you with a company that has extensive familiarity within this city, so you can have peace of mind knowing those in charge of relocating your belongings will get everything there safely and efficiently.

Cost- The total price of a moving package does not have to break the bank, and we work closely with companies who pride themselves on consistently undercutting the competition when it comes to full-service movers.  Moving can be a pricey expenditure, but you should never have to go into debt simply to utilize a service that is indispensable and extremely beneficial.

Reputation- There are quite a few online review websites that can help you narrow down a list of prospective moving companies.  Yelp and Angie’s List are among some of the more popular online resources, but it is also always a good idea to check the status with the Better Business Bureau as well.

Customer Service- You will notice from your initial point of contact why we are known for our impeccable level of service.  We hold all our agents, all of our affiliates, and of course, all of our movers to the highest possible standards of professionalism and service, so you will always feel safe entrusting your belongings into our competent hands.

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