There’s no denying that moving can be an expensive and stressful process. Moving to another country can make it seem like you have an enormous and costly task ahead of you, but it can be made simple and affordable with the right professional touch.

We have more than 20 years of experience as an international and worldwide moving service, along with the expertise and affordability to make your overseas move simple, cheap and hassle-free. Here are some of the services we offer:


  • Export & import paperwork assistance
  • Air freight & ocean freight both available
  • Professional, low-cost international moving
  • Storage available in most major US & international cities
  • Climate controlled storage & transport available
  • Professional licensed worldwide moving services
  • Help with planning and preparation for your move
  • Full-service point-to-point moving
  • Port-to-port moving services also available
  • All-inclusive price quotes for FREE


Find out how affordable international moving can be by contacting us today at the number at the top of the page! All estimates are FREE of charge and no obligation is required! You can also use our online form if you’d like an instant quote sent right to your email inbox!

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Affordable, Customized International Moving Solutions

To best address the needs of our clients, we provide international moving solutions that are specifically tailored to each of our customers. Whether it’s for personal or commercial moving, we offer a host of affordable options, from the cheapest method of moving to all-inclusive, full-service relocation. Here are some of the ways we help you save money:

Insurance – Insurance is included as part of every moving estimate and service we provide. This means that, in the unlikely event that something is damaged, you can rest assured that you will be compensated appropriately. Moving insurance is one of the benefits of hiring a professional–especially for overseas moves–since coverage limits generally exceed the value of the items being moved (additional insurance can be purchased when this is not the case).

Time Savings – Another key benefit of hiring an international moving company is that it frees you up to do all the other things that come with moving to another country: organizing records, getting paperwork in order, packing, planning, finding a place, taxes, filing a change of address, etc. Our door-to-door relocation packages are ideal for international movers that want the ultimate in convenience, service and cost savings.

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