How to Use Your Smartphone To Move More Efficiently

In the era of technology we are currently residing, your smartphone can be your best friend. This applies to almost every facet of your life, and helping you relocate is no exception.  There are now applications (apps) currently available that are targeted to helping you move, but there are also a wealth of other resources your phone can provide in order to ensure a smooth transition.  The following apps and websites are all great assistants when it comes to staying organized and completing your move as efficiently as possible.


This is a FREE moving and organizing app that allows you to take inventory of all the items you are packing, so you can find them upon arrival with ease.  You can upload pictures, create lists, organize items in folders, and even edit or utilize a moving checklist to keep you on track.  This is truly a lifesaver when you have a lot of stuff and the tendency to get overwhelmed with packing and/or unpacking.


You can access YouTube via the app or even in your browser and the ideas provided in some videos can be extremely helpful and invaluable.  There are videos teaching you how to pack delicate or fragile items, how to best make use of bubble wrap, and a multitude of videos providing moving hacks that can help save you time and money.

Google Keep

This app is a great centralized place to keep notes, pictures, and ideas that you will need before, during, and after your move.  Think of it as a command center on your phone.  If you see decorating ideas you would like to replicate, take a picture and store it here.  If you need to save an important contact’s information, save it to a note.  This will ensure that you don’t misplace errant pieces of paper holding key information while you are relocating, and you can feel safe knowing all the most important information is in one safe spot.

Pocket Lists

This basic inexpensive app ($2.99) is great if you would prefer to create your own moving checklist, and not use the one provided by Shortly. It is simple and easy to use. You can even create new lists and check items off with extremely simple gestures.


Every phone has one and it is very helpful to save important scheduling events to avoid conflicts. You can also set reminders and add notes to each entry, so you will never miss an appointment again.

The Cloud

The importance of this indispensable feature of your phone cannot be stressed enough. It ensures that all information saved on your phone has a back-up saved to the cloud. It is free to use, but if you need more space, you can acquire significantly more memory for just $0.99 per month. This will cover you if you lose your phone or it breaks during the move to ensure no important information is lost.

Please note that the links for the above free apps direct you to the Apple iTunes Store, but many of these apps are also available for Android operating systems as well.

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