How To Prepare For A Cross Country Move

Moving is a lot of stress. But even more stressful is it when it is a cross country or coast to coast move. So many things about it makes it a nightmare. You don’t just have to deal with the normal moving routine and requirements. The long distance itself is enough to make you weary.

You cannot afford to go about things shabbily. There more things you should give extra attention to this time. From higher moving cost, to greater risk of damage and loss, preparation will do you a lot of good, and here is how to get about it.


Start early

There seems to be a sync between the distance you have to move and the things you need to take care of. If it is a local move, your old neighborhood would be within hours reach. Anything missed can be taken care of without much stress or cost. But for a cross country move, anything missed would be more difficult to sort out.

Plan and prepare

Get writing. Put up a plan for your move, including all the things you have to attend to. You don’t want to miss anything, neither do you want to rush.

Get your appointments going early

Unlike a local move, many things are changing. Sometimes it seems like everything is changing. Doctor, schools, bank, dentist, vets, are just among the many things that would have to change and will require you to attend to before the move. There will be many appointments to attend to, and with many things to take care of at home, you should start the meetings early. Friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc., would like to bid you farewell. There will be many dinners, parties, meetings and more meetings.

Sort and purge; then sort and purge some more

Long distance moves are more expensive than local moves. And remember that the cost is calculated mostly based on weight of items and distance. You wouldn’t want to add to the cost by taking along things that you no longer need and can do without. When you sort your things out and put aside those that should not be taken, you not only reduce cost, you can also gain some money for the journey through sale of those items.

Make moving arrangement

Whether you choose to move yourself or hire professionals, you have some arrangements to make on that. You should start estimating how much things you will be moving, size of truck you need, how many trips it will take, how long the trip will take, costs, etc. On the other hand, you may have to start researching on moving companies, get estimates, and seal the deal.


Get the right packing supplies

Since it is a long distance move, you need strong boxes that won’t wear out with the distance.


Label appropriately

By the time you arrive at your new destination, you’d be stressed out and exhausted, and wouldn’t want more confusion with identifying things. So labeling should be done properly.


Don’t forget the essentials

You need to pack things you’d need on the journey. They should be handy for quick access. Also, while packing and labeling your boxes, you also should pack separately those things you’d start out with once you arrive at your new destination.


Keep your inventory close

While packing, you should take an inventory of your things. When they are loaded into the truck, check off each box. And when your properties arrive, you inventory should also be handy for checking off each box that is being unloaded.


Be calm

There are many things that can frustrate you on such move, but you should make efforts to stay calm, be focused, and handle things one after the other.

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