How To Move Your Aquarium And Other Strange Possessions

Many things about moving make it quite complicated. But apart from the general moving process itself, there are also particular items that prove really difficult to move. They are things you cannot just pack up into a box and zoom off with. They not only require a lot of extra efforts, there are also risks involved in moving them.

One first consideration would be selling these things and buying new ones when you get settled at your new location. That may sound like an option, butmay not be a favorite one for you. How much you cherish some of these items can prevent you from considering the option of selling or giving them away.

Let us take a look at some of these special items and what can be done with them.


An aquarium

For the aquarium, you have two things to deal with: the tank and the fish. You tank is only valuable when it is intact. If it gets smashed in the truck during the move, there will be nothing admirable about it afterwards.Firstly, the tank has to be drained before moving it. There are special boxes designed for glass. You need to find such and have it packed in it. You can check online, go to hardware stores, or get it from a moving company.

For the fish, it depends on the distance of the move. It may be difficult for the fish to survive change in temperature and other physical conditions while moving them. Short distance move can be achieved by packing the fish in insulated containers that are sealed with oxygen or that have a portable aerating equipment. Long distance moves will also require proper packing and shipping by air, which can be very expensive.


Some other such possessions that are cool in your home until when it’s time to move may include:

  • Giant musical instruments
  • Anatomical human skeletons
  • Pinball machines and classic arcade games
  • Large indoor trees
  • Antique crystal chandeliers
  • And more


What to do

  • You can search for special boxes for these items. Some of them are available, but for those that aren’t, you can cut several cartons and tape the pieces together to form a custom-shaped container for the item in question.
  • There are certain packing supplies that should go with delicate items to avoid them breaking. Before placing them into the box, you can wrap such items in foam packing paper or thin bubble wrap.
  • Pad items properly with paper pads, blankets, cloths, pillows, etc., and make sure the box is stuffed before sealing it.
  • Some items may require special movers. Make necessary consultations and find out what it will take for such items. And when you have these strange properties, you may just let professional movers handle the move, including packing these items.

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