How To Label Like An Expert?

Moving is a lot of work on itself, and can easily turn into a chaos. You don’t want to be the to cause that to happen. So you are better off planning and taking care of all the little details, including labeling your boxes. If you promise yourself you will remember what you packed, you will be telling yourself a big, fat lie. When you see all the boxes piled up, you will have the faintest idea of what is in any of them. A guess work will take you nowhere. Moreover, with all the stress you would have accumulated by the time you get to your new home, you wouldn’t want more from trying to find different items.

In short, labeling is a stitch in time that saves you nine. So, take these tips and know how you can do it properly.


Start by getting ready

You start by getting all the things you will need for labeling. You will need

  • Markers; good quality ones, and even different colors
  • Labels; there are ready-to-use labels on the internet you can download and print
  • Colored tapes; this advances your lebeling, but makes it even more efficient


Labeling the boxes

  • Label as soon as you pack. Do not wait to finish packing before you start labeling. Don’t even put it off until you have packed ‘some more’. Best practice is to label as soon as you pack each box, and your labeling should indicate these things: destination, content, and handling instructions.
  • Label room by room. Remember labeling now is investing for the unpacking phase. So distinguish boxes meant for each room. This makes it easier organizing the boxes when you get to your new home. There are several ways of doing this. You can write the names of the room on each box, use letter codes, or color codes.
  • Color codes are better. For faster identification of boxes, you can trust color codes. Use color stickers on different sides of the box. And at your new home, have the same colors posted on the door frame or close to the door of the room they identify. You can also follow the color codes for the color markers you use in writing on each box.
  • Numbers work, too. For some, the numbering system may be preferable. It comes with a special trick: you only number each box and save time writing out the contents of the box. Now what you do is to create a master inventory list that lists the detailed contents of each box matched against the number on the box. You will only have a problem when you lose this master inventory list.
  • Remember the handling instructions: Some contents packed in the boxes require certain special treatment. You should remember to indicate that on the box. Things like: FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, etc, go a long way.
  • Make an inventory. Whether you are using the numbering system or not, you should create an inventory of all the boxes and items you have packed. With this you can easily inspect to be sure everything is complete as soon as you arrive.


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