How To Know You Have Found A Good Moving Company

You will be leaving all your possessions at the mercy of some strangers, and you know how risky that can be. What if they vanish with your properties? What if they damage them? What if…

To avoid all the ‘what ifs’ there can be, here are some basic qualities you should look out for in a moving company to assure you they are reliable.


  • Good reputation

Before making a contact, you should research on what others are saying about the company, especially previous company. Good reviews tell you they have served them well. The company should not be blacklisted on sites like Movingscam, and should have good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Excellent Customer Service

How did the company representative communicate with you when you contacted them? The customer service you get from the company should tell you how professional and knowledgeable they are about the job.

  • Insurance and license

The company must be insured. Confirm the necessary details of this. Also, they should be licensed by the state or federal authorities, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and have a USDOT Number.

  • Experience

You should hire a company that has adequate experience on the job and the city you are moving to.

  • Professional and skilled crew members

A good moving company should make use of people who have experience in the job, so they are able to handle things properly. They should be able to demonstrate expertise in every aspect of the job, from packing to unpacking, and know how to handle different categories of properties to avoid damages.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

Time is important. Go for a company that will be timely and on-schedule with every aspect of the move, including the delivery.

  • Possession of right equipment

The company should have their own resources and will not be hiring or contracting some other people to handle the job. And they should have the right equipment that suit your move. The use of latest technologies such as the GPS, is very helpful to keep the customer on track with the progress of the move. If there is need for a storage facility, the company should have (or have access to) one, and a good one.

  • Comprehensive estimates

A reliable company will give you all the details of their fees for every kind of service that could possibly arise, and you won’t find something later that wasn’t mentioned at the onset.


  • Competitive rates

The price is what is mostly considered. There is no rule that says the company with the lowest estimates is the best. In fact, you should be careful of such companies. However, a good company will offer something competitive and not exceeding the average of what is obtainable.

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