How To Get You Friends To Help You While Moving

Getting friends to help you move is a big deal, not something you should take lightly. This is because moving is a big deal; it is time consuming and stressful, and causes a lot of headache and backache. So finding help on how to go about it is a good move. Check out these tips to guide you.


  • Notify them early

Give them adequate time to prepare for that day. It shows you respect them and their schedules. This will help them make necessary adjustments so they can free up their time for the day you need their help. If you start very early, you can keep sending more reminders, and get them to commit.


  • Enlist many people

There are chances that everyone you invite won’t be able to make it. So reach out to more persons, and at the end of the day you will have a good number showing up.


  • Be prepared before they come

You should have concluded all your packing and arrangements, and be ready before your friends arrive.You don’t want to waste more of everyone’s time. Moreover, it can be discouraging for them to come and find you are not ready yet. And if they are helping you unload at your new location, make sure you have the keys and won’t waste their time by keeping them waiting.


  • Make transportation arrangements

Your friends should arrive to find the truck already there. Don’t make them lift things for longer distances. And if you are getting them to go with you to your new home, you should make necessary arrangement for how they will all move. If you will be using anyone’s vehicle, make sure to let them know on time.


  • Show them around

Before they start lifting things, it is better to show them around so they see and know what you expect them to do. Also point out clearly different special items, heavy ones, and those that require special care. And if they are helping you unload in your new location, make sure you show them around as soon as you arrive at the place, indicating the different rooms for different items as indicated by the labeling.


  • Prepare refreshments

Get snacks and cold drinks ready. They need to be rewarded (or encouraged) with them while working. And if you are getting them to help you unload into your new home, you may also consider taking them out to dinner afterwards.


  • Adjust your rules

You may be concerned about your new house getting dirty. But you have to put this concern away and allow your helpers use their shoes into all the places they will be entering while helping you to unload. This is so they don’t feel inconvenienced being required to pull their shoes, or any of such rules.


  • Be grateful and let them know it

You cannot thank them enough, so keep thanking them anyway. Let them know you appreciate and value their contribution toward your move.Find interesting ideas on how to say thanks.


  • One good turn…

Except you are moving far away from your friends, you should also be available to help when they need you.


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