How to Change Your Address

There is an endless checklist of things you need to accomplish during the moving process, but changing your address is a fairly simple, yet important, task that will save you from a lot of issues once you’re settled.  There are two basic routes you can take in order to complete this course of action, both of which are fairly straightforward if you follow the directions carefully.


If you have a valid credit or debit card and an active e-mail address, you can change your address online through the US Postal Service website.

If you choose to go this route, be prepared to pay a small fee, currently $1.05.  This fee is usually worth it because it saves you a trip to the post office, and also works to verify your identity by matching your name to the credit or debit card you use.  Please be aware that the only credible online source for changing your address is through the United States Postal Service website.  There are quite a few impostor sites out there that will charge you an exorbitant fee to complete the simple documents for you, so make sure that the website you are using is the correct one.

On the first page of the online request, you will be given the option to put in a request for a permanent (1 year or longer) or temporary (less than 12 months) change of address.  You will also be prompted to select a forwarding start date (or if a temporary move, the start AND end date).  Finally, you will choose the “Type of Move” between Individual, Family, and Business.  Each of these types are fairly self-explanatory, but you will want to select individual if people in your family have different last names, or if anyone receives mail under more than one name, such as married and maiden.

The next page will require you to input your current address, your new address, and your e-mail address for confirmation.  You will then pay the fee which will also verify your identity.  Next, you will receive some exclusive moving related offers and coupons.  Finally, you will be asked to verify all of your information and confirm your request, and as long as everything checks out, you the process will be complete.



Because of the popularity of the online service, many local post offices no longer carry the change of address paperwork in store.  If this is the case, you will need to start the online process as above, but instead of paying the fee, you can request a print-out of the information you submitted, and either mail or drop it off in-person to your local office.  If you are able to obtain an address change request form from the local office, you can complete it and submit it in person.

Finally, it is very important that you also contact directly every person and every company from who you receive mail.  This will ensure that the address on file is current, which is especially important with both creditors and financial institutions alike.

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